What's going on here?

The Listserve is a community email lottery where each day, one subscriber gets the chance to send an email to all the rest.

This is a free service for listserve members and other folks to talk about what's going on in the daily listserve.

My name's JP. I run a co-op for freelancers. Yesterday I got a chance to send something to the listserve, so I made this for us. Hope you enjoy it.

Tech stuff:

The popularity rank doesn't do much yet, since it's intended to be based on comments.

Search is a naive exact-wording query on the full text.

The code is available on Github.

Disqus is pretty buggy and not great for anonymous posting but it sure beats writing a spamproof anonymous comment system with 'best' rankings from scratch.


Simon Weber for creating The Listserve Archive, which was the initial data source for this project.