[The Listserve] Gone batty!

Sarah C.

What’s your favorite animal? Mine has always been the orca whale, but really, all whales are awesome. I hoped to study whales, but I got a bit sidetracked when I found myself clutching a squeaking little brown bat two years ago while doing biology resea...

[The Listserve] Christmas leftovers


It is interesting how some calm days can change your perspective of the world. Sitting on my bed, I wake up thinking of plans to change my life. Maybe not the kind of extreme changes that once so excited me. Small steps, but able to get in the way of re...

[The Listserve] Social Work and Horror- Tell Me About It


Hi everyone! I'm looking for some notes on a couple of things and I'd love to hear your thoughts. First, to anyone that has ever had a social worker in their life- is there anything that you wish that person would've known? And second, I'm a bit...

[The Listserve] If I Could Ask For One Thing...


I've been a part of the list serve for almost 5 years now and I never thought I'd be chosen to write my own. I've thought for a long time about what I would say if I were chosen and now the opportunity has presented itself, I'm at a loss. I think I'...

[The Listserve] Toasties Assemble


Since November 9, I've felt like I'm in a bad dream from which I can't wake. I'm so afraid of what will happen over the next few years. I have found some comfort in doing small things - sending mail, setting aside little bits of money to be able to help...

[The Listserve] Who will you choose to receive your letter?

Genie Gratto

This is the thing about a hand-written letter: It’s ephemeral. It’s personal. It’s (mostly) untraceable. It doesn’t go into a database. It's not for public consumption. That’s what makes letters so very valuable. They are more and more rare, and, yet...

[The Listserve] 60 Seconds Start…Now

Dev Iyer

My name is Dev Iyer and I’m a male, 24 year old, Indian-American. I was born inside the Bible Belt town of Huntsville, Alabama. It was a magical place – full of overflowing Southern hospitality and a relaxed pace of life, juxtaposed by the clattering so...

[The Listserve] I don' wanna say nuffink

Ben Scott

I've no interest in impressing or enlightening anybody. Which is odd 'cos I write for a living, and I may be quitting my dayjob in a few months, I should probably use this opportunity to promote my freelance services. Meh, I have a wife and kids and a ...

[The Listserve] Remember me?

mehmet bicer

I am the guy who asked Listserve community to help for marriage proposal two and a half years ago. Some great people among you sent me their photos holding a paper with our names on it. It was such a great surprise for her family that her father started...

[The Listserve]

Carl Rauscher

I thought the pawn shop empty but there she was, leaning over the glass display next to me and staring deeply at the pieces for sale within. She was beautiful in a retro-fringed jacket and faded jeans kind of way. "Ever wonder what they'd say if they...

[The Listserve] CRPS/RSD and you

Rick and Claudia

You probably haven't heard of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD, sometimes RSDS) or even Causalgia. These are all names for an illness that really hasn't penetrated the public consciousness, more for lack of kno...

[The Listserve] Truth and Uncertainty


Truth and Uncertainty We hear a lot these days about the ‘post truth’ world. The search for truth and understanding is as old as man, the curious animal. In the mere 200,000 years that humans have existed, ’civilized’ man has only been around for 6,...

[The Listserve] Thank you, America! (From a grateful immigrant)


I’d like to dedicate this post to America. Coming here (for the second time) as an immigrant, I have been truly amazed at the opportunities that this country has given me to grow into my best self. From an education alongside the brightest minds I’ve...

[The Listserve] Simple

Dagi Cueppers

I hope you are appreciating the beauty of this day, sweet friend. Like, right now. I hope you feel the glory of this life reflected in your heart. Just for a moment. How simple it all is, really. Love and joy and peace and gratitude. And when you fee...

[The Listserve] Sonder and a Puzzle

Joe Pietruch

With apologies to Evan Noble, Roman, Kyle V., anyone else who used sonder in their Listserve submissions before I signed up, as well as all of you who are reading about sonder for perhaps the fourth-plus time… it's just too fitting not to use in this co...

[The Listserve] My life purpose

Deanne B

Everyone is searching for the reason they were put on this planet. What is their purpose? I haven’t a clue what mine is. At this age (53) I thought I would it all figured out. I was wrong. I think the problem is that we all believe our purpose ha...

[The Listserve] Insecurities


As most people always say on Listserve, I can't believe I won! I have no clue what to write, and like them, I feel the exact same way. I never feel like I have anything important to say so I'm just going to ramble and if you're cool with that or not, d...

[The Listserve] My Best Story

Chris Thompson

Senior year of college I was working as a building supervisor at the University Center, a large building with tall tower. You could hear the tower striking out the quarter hour throughout the day, and sometimes a carillon of bells performing a fight son...

[The Listserve] Simple, lighthearted purity

Noah Westreich

The first time I won the Listserve, I wrote about the Deep South being the last frontier for LGBT equality in the US. Now I’m afraid that we are not only regressing to old attitudes and policies towards society’s vulnerable, but entering into a time of ...

[The Listserve] From Dubai to Toronto ( on immigration, jobs and happiness)

Khurram Farooq

So I just won the ListServe lottery... Pretty good timing considering that I am going through a completely new chapter of my life. I have just migrated to Toronto (Dubai being my previous home). Some thoughts: Love the city, love the country Lo...

[The Listserve] Tenants and Landlords

Joanna Laine

On a late summer day in 2009, I reported for my first shift as a hotline counselor at a tenants' rights organization in Chicago. I had volunteered to answer calls from tenants who were uncertain about their rights, many of whom were on the brink of los...

[The Listserve] How to save a life today


My grandfather is a Holocaust survivor. When I was eighteen, he brought my family to Poland and walked us through his childhood history. In incredible detail, he narrated the scenes of his youth: the aroma of bagels wafting from the corner bakery; the w...

[The Listserve] On Miracles


I don't believe in God. When I honeymooned in Greece, one-week after my wedding, my wife and I were participating in one of those sunset cruise tours and were swimming off the coast of Santorini. Foolishly, I had my ill-fitting wedding band on - a ring,...

[The Listserve] Become an organ donor

KP Hart

Two months ago I lost a brother to heart problems. But he had had kidney problems before and thanks to a donor kidney he got to enjoy his last 15 years in good health. Please go to your country's organ donor registration place and tell them it is OK to ...

[The Listserve] 3 Things My Pet Goats Have Taught Me About Being Politically Active


1. Be persistent (even when confronted with the improbable) My goats spend a lot of time eating English Ivy. Just when the goats think they have vanquished the ivy, the resilient vines sprout new leaves, choking out the noble plants around them. My goa...

[The Listserve] First name? Human. Last Name? Being.

The Shame Dame

As I write this, it’s been five days since the unthinkable happened and America upended life as we know it, whether in the US, or elsewhere. I’m a bit of elsewhere in America, an immigrant woman from the Old World, and a sexual assault survivor who u...

[The Listserve] Unsubscribe


"Jez: Right, the thing is, Hans, as I’ve said before, I really just think we should serve at least one lager, and nuts. You know, people like lager and nuts. Super Hans: People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can’t trust people, Jeremy. Jez...

[The Listserve] Hello, Friends :)


I have been a Listserve subscriber for quite a long time now, and had I had the opportunity to compose this email at another time, it may have been very different, but I think I was meant to win this opportunity at this moment of time for good reason. W...

[The Listserve] Guess what...


...it is going to end soon. Take a deep breath, and when it comes, exhale. That way you will show it you are not afraid. ... But you should be. Who The World 090922929dtsw@gmail.com

[The Listserve] Cheap, simple, delicious


I was going to try and write a heartfelt thought, but my mind is a mess and I cannot focus on anything long enough to make it sound acceptable or to take out the cliché in it. So I’ll keep it short and simple. I have a project I’m extremely excite...