[The Listserve] Some thoughts


Hello! These are some things I've learned which guide the way I think, and which I value most. I hope they are the most valuable things I can offer to you. Of course, they come entirely from others, who I've paraphrased or quoted below. (I'll referen...

[The Listserve] To inspire at least one person

Wissam Bounejra

Goodbyes. I've had to say goodbye more times than I would have liked. But I guess everyone can say that. I'm not talking about the see you later goodbye or the goodbye we automatically address to a waiter. I refer to THE goodbye. The one that tea...

[The Listserve] Patrick of Ireland

Will Fitzgerald

Once upon a time — and listen, for although this sounds like a fable, I will try to make every word true — once upon a time there was a young boy named Patrick, a young Christian boy whose father was a deacon, and whose grandfather was a priest. Patrick...

[The Listserve] Tiny wings

Moritz Stefaner

Hi all, I want to write about a subject that is very close to my heart - bees! I started bee keeping last year, and have two colonies right now. These two already managed to supply my family and my friends with more than enough honey, and keeping the...

[The Listserve] Five Tips to Starting a New Business

Joshua Siler

I've been in business for a long time now, and every once in awhile, I'll get friends and family asking me to talk through their business plans with them. It's one of my favorite things to do! Along the way, I've come up with a few things that seem to a...

[The Listserve] A bit of Iron

The Listserve

       To begin, let me say that I live a blessed life, surrounded by friends and family that love and support me.  I attempt to appreciate such great fortune as much as I am able, especially as I have grown older and seen such disparity between frie...

[The Listserve] (no subject)


Hello world! I just got the first Listserve email, and it was a little bit too similar to what I was originally going to send so I deleted my email and started again. I feel as though this is going to turn into a mass swapping of inspirational quotes...

My only bag, and a guitar


When I turned twenty I had reached a point where my earthly possessions could be summarized as the clothes I was wearing, an old bag containing some more clothes, a few science-fiction books, and my guitar. No money, no place to live, just a bunch of fr...

[The Listserve] Volatile Software

Steve Losh

I want to use my fifteen minutes of fame on The Listserve to rant about something that's close to my heart: the stability of the software I use. NOTE: This is written for people who create software. If you don't do that you probably won't find thi...

[The Listserve] Blossom


      She was sick of it all.  Sick of the contradictions, sick of the distance, and most of all, sick of the silence that ricocheted back and forth across her ear drums, more deafening than a collapsing building.  Polite conversation, with its one-word...

Be a Diva

Adrienne Stortz

As my friends (and acquaintances) will attest, one thing that I’m an expert at is preaching about Diva Cups. Male readers and squeamish ladies, this might get a little rough, but stick with me for a moment because this is important. Most ladies have gr...

[The Listserve] Desiderata


The softest sound of worship; The things we can't possess Are without plan or purpose, Yet do sometimes suggest The reason in our figures, The meaning of our call, And though we cannot calculate We know the sum of all. stressfordpoet67@ne...

[The Listserve] Anything that happens, happens

Emil Stenström

I'm sorry to break this to you, in an e-mail from a random stranger like this, but it needs to be said: Most of your life won't be fantastic. I'm not joking. The adventures you'll tell your children about will be a minuscule part of it. So if you want t...