[The Listserve] The simple secret to surviving India

Arthur Cheysson

You just landed in India. You’re a bit stressed: it’s absolutely normal. But let me just tell you a simple thing, and everything will go just fine. In a matter of days, the Indian in you will be fully awakened. The head tilt. This is a very simple...

[The Listserve] DFTBA.

Maggie Needham

I'd like to make some book recommendations. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green That this book is about two teenagers with cancer should not dissuade you from reading it. It will probably make you cry, but it will also make you laugh. It's an honor...

[The Listserve] I've never been great at coming up with creative subject lines...

Jordan Sale

I am an avid reader of The Listserve. I love the concept of the group and I love receiving each day's email. So far I've learned so much from so many strangers - drink recipes with ingredients I would never have thought of, more information about bees a...

[The Listserve] No time to mourn our humble existence


After 13 years of flying to the edge of our solar system, the American Voyager 1 space probe, reached the almost incomprehensible distance of 6.4 billion kilometres (nearly 4 billion miles) from Earth in 1990 and was turned around to take a picture of o...

[The Listserve] From the bottom of the world


Hello, I'm from somewhere far away. Apparently, I live in the most remote city with a population in excess of one million people. Hello from Auckland, New Zealand. I don't feel very far away from you. I think we probably have a few things in...

[The Listserve] Worry Less, Do More

Kris Noble

It's often said that the biggest obstacles we face in life are the ones we put up for ourselves. Unnecessary worry is one of those. How many times have you denied yourself an opportunity because of worry - maybe you felt like you weren't ready, or th...

[The Listserve] Work together to achieve more

Sam Sinensky

Virtual interaction has become a thing of the now. The instant feedback is addicting and we almost feel like we can touch and experience life in the same way we would if we were physically together. Sometimes the virtual is a good substitute and other t...

[The Listserve] The one armed frog

Vera Suzanne

I have a tattoo of a frog on the top of my right foot. I drew him myself. When people ask me why I always say that when I take a step, he hops. But there’s a story behind that. I was tree planting one year. While planting you need to move fast, th...

[The Listserve] Don't forget to have fun!

Diogo Pires

Hey! It's cold right here in Brazil! brrrrrr Well, I would like to share with you some things that I did recently and, somehow, changed my life: I quit my boring strategic consultant’s life I decided to take a sabbatical year I discovered life (ye...

[The Listserve] Balance

Kurtis Katakura

“It takes a very long time to become young.” - Pablo Picasso It’s kind of funny —I am an eighteen year old boy who should be basking in what’s left of my youth, but I feel like I am a middle aged man with nothing but repetition left in life. Wake ...

[The Listserve] Thoughts of one of the happiest guys in the world

Jacob Markussen

I've thought about what to write in this email ever since I signed up to the list, and to selected this early in the list is both awesome and a little frightening, because I don't really feel ready. Nevertheless, this is my contribution, and it will hop...

[The Listserve] Maxine and the Radio


Hello. Because you are a friend I've just not met yet, I'm writing this so that we might be a little closer. In this email I will: 1. Tell you a little about what work's been like for me lately. 2. Choose and present to you some rad radio. I love ...

[The Listserve] "You Will Hang" and Other Things you don't want to hear on a Saturday Afternoon

Kip Silverman

Hi fellow ListServians! In 1987, I was at a civil rights march in Cumming, GA (Brotherhood March II). I was grabbed by a coordinator towards the end- I was told to flank the woman next to me who was with a child in a stroller; there were people on t...

[The Listserve] What IF


Today's question: What IF? What IF you could make an impact? What IF we could end hunger? What IF there was enough food on the planet RIGHT NOW to feed every human being? Well, there is. And we can end hunger. Fascinating, right!? The gene...

[The Listserve] My father-in-law and his values

Noah Abrahamson

My father-in-law is pretty right wing. He's all about the Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Tea Party and Ann Coulter. He rants on about immigrants, taxes and President Obama. He sends my husband and me crazy emails with "facts" about various minority groups, ho...

[The Listserve] We can do this


Make a difference. Donate a dollar, recycle a bottle, love someone, hold a door open, acknowledge another's achievements, give a hug or an opportunity to someone else. We are all a part of this world together. Tonight, look at the moon (something that...

David Evans

Rachael Evans

I’m going to tell you about an inspirational person. He loved to push himself to the limits, the sports he loved were always ones where he could use his brain, expeditions, climbing, bouldering, kayaking, orienteering, he maintained his nerdy ways. I d...

[The Listserve] BuLLdozer


To all the people of the list- buy a bulldozer. Anonymous

[The Listserve] Bagel Parrot: bird in the city

Jenn W.

I'm your average twentysomething living and working in Manhattan, but I won't bore you with any further details (I'll leave that to HBO). Instead, I'll introduce you to my Congo African Grey parrot, Bagel. Greys are considered one of the most intelligen...

[The Listserve] Hello, world!

Adam Tonks

I wasn't really expecting to be given the chance to send out an email to everyone, so I'm not totally sure what I want to say! I'm a student, and I can't really cook, so I think the best thing I can do is send out a couple of really simple to make (y...

[The Listserve] Tumbledore


Hi there, "The Listserve" has been impressively void of self promotion, probably due to the ban on links. Amongst those in the know, the classic "Diva Cup" post stands out as a favorite. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a sponsor for this post wit...

[The Listserve] Hello. It's nice to meet you.

Kira Hirschfeld

Hello! It's nice to meet you. I have thought often about what I might write to you. I was so terribly excited to finally have the opportunity to say something to you. You know? To really make a difference. To impart upon you some great piece of wi...

[The Listserve] Playing in the Sandbox


When I was in elementary school, maybe eight or nine years old, the school threw a fun event at night. I don't remember what it was called or what activities it offered, save one: a classroom filled with hundreds of craft supplies where you could make a...

[The Listserve] Recipe for Love


"I think it is time for you to make another batch," my partner solemnly said to me this morning. I use to make it every year. It grew to be a notorious, magical, wild concoction of various mind-altering substances. Each successive year I would study na...

[The Listserve] The best news I've ever received

Chris Hubbs

There's good news, and then there's GOOD NEWS. It's good news when an unexpected check comes in the mail, or when your kid comes home with improved grades. But GOOD NEWS is life-changing. Today I'd like to talk about the best news I ever received. Here ...

[The Listserve] Life & Pizza

Shea B.

Every single one of us is going to be worm food in a hundred years, so have fun while you're here and try not to worry so much. This used to scare the shit out of me, but we've been dead for the last 14 billion years and have had no objection to that...

[The Listserve] The hidden gem of Europe


Hey guys! Today I want to talk about a place very special to my heart: the country of Albania. This is probably the point you groan with boredom; that's it? That's our email of the day? An informational on some little country? As an Albanian-Am...

[The Listserve] Under The Tree Where It's Safe

maura johnston

The focal point of my elementary school's lobby was a big painting of two girls sitting under a lushly blossoming tree, looking down at what was either a book or a game or a picnic; my rememberance of those particular details is a bit fuzzy. But I remem...

I Dare You

Sandra Possing

You are a unique, badass, and multi-faceted human being. There is no one else even remotely like you. Who are you to withhold your greatness from the world? Why would you waste a second of your precious time pretending to be someone else? How dare you ...

[The Listserve] Everyday is a Restart Day

Megan Quinn

Hi everyone, Today I’m taking a mental health day. At least, that’s what I call them. Sometimes I need a break. Especially at this time of the year, because it’s the end of the semester and I have so much to do and I haven’t been eating as healthy a...