[The Listserve] "Prior Restraint"


"Prior Restraint" I was seduced by gravity. I clung to the unchangeable. I would wash the dregs from a coffee cup, place it in the rack, watch immutable laws of physics do the rest. Flux had entered my life on various fronts. On each front I met d...

[The Listserve] "Life? Don't talk to me about life..." -Marvin


Sorry if this is a huge read, but it turned out that I had a lot on my chest. I'm 34. About 17 years ago, I became boyfriend to my now wife, which also is my first and only girlfriend. I got to meet her parents and was served homemade pizza for dinne...

[The Listserve] Don't Be a Dick

Lyle Bateman

“Don’t be a dick.” I first heard that exact phrase from Wil Wheaton, but the sentiment is as old as history. You can derive pretty much every moral rule of import from the simple advice “Don’t be a dick.” And it’s a sentiment that may be more importa...

[The Listserve] A friendly photographic reminder

Shara Miller

Print your photos. Do it. Find some of your favorite photos on your computer, phone, or camera. Get access to a photo printer or place that will print your photos for you. Print your photos. After they're printed, give them to someone. Get them...

[The Listserve] Let's build a wall


Let's build a wall for all we need is bricks to limit a dream and climb over each other. Let's build a wall to keep them out and let go. Nobody is looking. Let's build a wall to dam a river win an election kill a generation and bury a ...

[The Listserve] The Beauty of You


When I read that I had won the listserve, I began to think about my life thus far. “How will you choose to use your voice to communicate with 20k+ people?” What, really, can any of us provide to the world but ourselves? Our labor, our empathy, our voice...

[The Listserve] hello


Just behind my work place, if you walk over to Brooke’s Court and on to Leather Lane you’ll find yourself immersed among a small market place full of world cuisine and custom jewellery. A few weeks back I was in the used bookstore next to the Lebanese r...

[The Listserve] Change


I moved from Brooklyn to Washington DC last Saturday, with Trump's shadow biting my heels at every mile marker down the 95 corridor. The democratic experiment seems, to many, in tatters. To many more, this upheaval is laughable; a sisyphean struggle for...

[The Listserve] Jeff Goldblum once said


"Life.... uh.. Finds a way." 2016 was by far the most tumultuous year of my life. It started with me dropping out of college at 20 years old, totaling my car, dodging death by about 10 feet, and ended with me moving to Chicago so that I could start ...

[The Listserve] Hello to the listserve with your favorite quote and i was born with a part of a stranger on the back of my mom and i was born with...

Paul English

What a nonsense subject, sorry. I generated that with a deep neural network that generates each character one by one built around a model called an LSTM (for long-short term memory). Generated text from these types of networks is still nonsense, but whe...

[The Listserve] BrainTime, Inception and your Life

Charles Mougel

"What we're selling to Coca-Cola is available human brain time. Nothing is as difficult as getting this availability."" Patrick Le Lay, CEO of TF1, the main French TV-channel "What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal wor...

[The Listserve] tl;dr


If you’re like me, you usually only skim these, especially if they’re too long. So, I’ll keep this short. I A bit about me: I’m 23 as of Saturday. I grew up in New Jersey and went to my dream school on the East Coast, where I had a series of crise...

[The Listserve] "There's only one rule I know of, babies ...


"God damn it, you've got to be kind.” ~Kurt Vonnegut I don’t remember when I joined the Listserve, but I think pretty soon after, I had a good idea of what I’d write if I ever won. Then I waited. Well, that’s not true. I didn’t wait, I moved on, a...

[The Listserve] What you can do to stop global warming

Michel Jansen

What is the number one thing *you* can do do right now to stop global warming? I like reading The Listserve for touching personal stories interesting facts and wisdom. When I won The Listserve, it was exactly one of those emails I was planning to write....

[The Listserve] Kindness of (21,629) strangers


I won the listserve once before, almost exactly a year ago (January 26 2016). I wrote about coming out, and feeling freed from a sense of captivity and loneliness that had becoming unlivable. If you, like me, have wondered what would happen if you threw...

[The Listserve] Growing up without a right hand

Joakim Engstrom

When my mom was 6 months pregnant with me, my parents found out I was missing the right hand. I was going to be born with a stump below the elbow. From what they told me, they took it hard, and it was very rough for them when I was in the belly. I l...

[The Listserve] This American Life

Francis Stephen Quaratiello

They’re an easy target for mockery, but the Boy Scouts definitely gave me an education I couldn’t get anywhere else. Beyond knot-tying and wilderness survival, the Scouts offer young men a chance to learn to be self-reliant, to lead and to follow, to be...

[The Listserve] Digital Health, Feminism & Two Recos


Digital Health Two of my greatest passions are digital and health. I’m most excited when these two things can be combined - when we use digital solutions to get people active, to empower them to make decisions about their healthcare, to surface infor...

[The Listserve] No good story started with a salad


Here I sit looking at a blank note pad. I had it filled until my computer restarted itself while I was sleeping. Everything I wrote gone... Like none of my thoughts happened. Would anyone care if I was a female? My age or if I was single? No it would...

[The Listserve] Trust


Shoutout to Heather LeFevre, author of my first marketing book (Brain Surfing) that I’ve ever read. Winning the listserve lotto could not have come at a better time. TL;DR 1. If you have a hunch to not fully open up to or trust someone, trust you...

[The Listserve] Explanation #2

Donald Bermont

I want to begin with an apology. A few years ago I won this honor of posting some thoughts on this List. At the end, I stated that since I’d been a therapist for almost forty years I had seen and heard almost everything, and now, as I aged, I had all ...

[The Listserve] Live deliberately. You are free.

Marla K

"The World is meaningless. There is no God or gods. There are no morals. The Universe is not moving inexorably towards any higher purpose. All meaning is man-made, so make your own and make it well. Do not treat your life as a way to pass time until you...

[The Listserve] How I See It


What I know – or think I know – is that the world is big. I have passed through at least some significant and difficult period of wrestling with the question of how to be alive, of what to do with the accident of life, and what seems clear to me is that...

[The Listserve] I’m not responsible if you break your picture frames


Here’s a puzzle: How can you hang a picture from two nails (nailed into a wall in a normal fashion) so that removing either one of the nails causes the picture to fall? It may not look like it at first, but this is a math puzzle; in fact, it’s connec...

[The Listserve] Shit Happens

Shiraz Kanga

My letter of advice to my son when he went off to study at UC Berkeley, now becomes my advice to the world ... SHIT HAPPENS Rus - I've always tried to teach you & your brothers that life is never fair. The secret of life that no one tells you is t...

[The Listserve] I’m not responsible if you break your picture frames


Here’s a puzzle: How can you hang a picture from two nails (nailed into a wall in a normal fashion) so that removing either one of the nails causes the picture to fall? It may not look like it at first, but this is a math puzzle; in fact, it’s connec...

[The Listserve] What is cinema?

Miguel Faus

I'm a film critic and aspiring filmmaker from Barcelona, so today I want to talk about cinema. From my experience, cinema is something that everyone is familiar with as a movie goer or spectator, but only a few people really know what it IS. I'm serious...

[The Listserve] A Few Things I've Learned

Mike Terranova

A few things I have learned in my years here on Earth. If you truly have a dream career, not just an interest in something, but a real dream, then quit what you are doing and go after it. I did that about 6 years ago, and it has made my entire left ...

[The Listserve] Winter is coming


When winter is coming Better dress warm and Try to enjoy the snow. All the best for 2017 Lodewijk The Hague effeietsanders.listserv@gmail.com

[The Listserve] Swords Are Great

Dani Naylor

I do swordfighting. Almost every week I go to fight with some of the loveliest people I know, using methods hundreds of years old. It's a great community full of enthusiastic, skilled people working really hard at a shared interest - researching and pra...