[The Listserve] Pen Spinning


Let's talk about entertainment. Specifically self-entertainment. No, not that. I mean hobbies. Mine is pen spinning. You may have seen people doing it or even know a few tricks yourself. The range of tricks you can do with a simple pen is amazing....

[The Listserve] Who doesn't like stories

Michelle Huang

What can one say to an audience of 21,000+ people without coming off as cliché and dull? Should I talk about the experiences of moving to a new country as a child; or about some meaningful experience that just cannot be put to words; or about my postcar...

[The Listserve] The product of my research and reflections


Upon selection I began to research what I wanted to say. I stumbled across the initial article that alerted me to the existence of The Listserve. This reminder of the lucky circumstance in which I discovered Listserve reminded me of the joy of sharing s...

[The Listserve] Nixon and/or soup

Andy Barr

Dear all you people: Do any of you happen to own, or know somebody who owns, a print of Philippe Halsman's 1955 photograph of Richard Nixon jumping? If so, I would like to buy that print from you, or from that person you know. Frankly, if you h...

[The Listserve] A few things


My 30th birthday is on the horizon and I have resolved that I will never figure this life/ being adult shit out. Life is random and I won't pretend to know a lot because I don't. As soon as I've got it figure out, I get thrown another gosh darn curve ba...

[The Listserve] A new year, joey's poop and finding dates / Surprise V!


You know how a mom kangaroo keeps its young from pooping in its pouch? It takes the joey out and licks its butt so it poops outside the pouch. Actually true. Anyways, now that I’ve got your attention, I’m Brian and I’m full of useless knowledge. Sad...

[The Listserve] This is a puzzle.

Listserve Puzzle

Beyond this message a challenge awaits; In the listserve, no links are allowed, what a cruel fate! The first clue must be deciphered by ROT 8. . Let me know and just email if your brain needs a spark Your first clue is just after this punctuation ...

[The Listserve] Greetings from the Sag

Omar Khedr

I’ve been dreading this since the day I joined the Listserve – that fateful day when the email would come telling me I was selected. I’ve been wracking my brain thinking about anything to write and I hope I’m writing something that will benefit someone ...

[The Listserve] Be happy while you're living, for you're a long time dead.


Mary Kathryn was born on All Saints Day in 1955. She never went by Mary, her mother always called her Kathy after the character in Wuthering Heights. Why her mother did no simply name her Kathy to begin with is one of those great unanswerable questions....

[The Listserve] Stay Classy

David Schorr

Hi guys. Let me get right to it. I'm not going to give any sage advice here. Let's get to know each other before we start dispensing recommendations on how to live life. So let me introduce myself. I'm a 35-year old real estate broker and entrepre...

[The Listserve] Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff


“She tried to think extra hard about being alive so as to forget that she would not be alive forever. But it was impossible. As soon as she concentrated on being alive now, the thought of dying also came into her mind. The same thing happened the other ...

[The Listserve] Rise

Chris Boyd

First, some background music. I recommend "Disparate Youth" by Santigold, "Settling It Off" by Peter Wolf Crier, or "Die Slow" by Health. All are on YouTube and Spotify. But really, just pick a song that inspires you. It's cool, I can wait... OK, rea...

[The Listserve] happiness


A bit rushed but, hello world!! Life is a funny little thing. You try your hardest for something, but don't get it. You can get angry, cry, be frustrated and it will never happen. You don't expect it, and it shows up on your doorstep. The thin...

[The Listserve] Some thoughts from the other side of 50 . . .


Some thoughts from the other side of 50 . . . . - If it smells bad, it probably is bad. - There are people who have never seen "The Princess Bride." This is inconceivable. - It makes no sense to exceed the speed limit in an urban area. Those ...

[The Listserve] Words, those little bricks...


Writing The Listserve is a humbling task akin to standing naked in a room full of strangers, some nervously peeking through their fingers, others turning their head away while a few look on, riveted. This exercise is not unlike the last two years of ...

[The Listserve] Focus

Jimmy Gambier

Simple rules to live by: 1. Tell the Truth 2. Be optimistic - You'll live longer, be happier and potentially make more. If you're not optimistic fake it 'till you are. 3. (Generally) Don't make assumptions For 2 years now I've been a single par...

[The Listserve] Is there a book inside?

Mary Elizabeth

I've worked with the public my entire adult life. Nearly 8 years as an assistant manager in a convenience store/gas station. Two years at Wal-Mart. The last 16 years in the veterinary field. I've spent a lot of time sharing my experiences with said publ...

[The Listserve] Falling off my unicorn

Dana LaRue

I really wanted to write some big, deep retrospective on challenge and perseverance for my Listserve contribution. That kind of thing is kind of my thing. Well, it was. It's what I did, when I started my blog, The Broke-Ass Bride, which grew into ...

[The Listserve] We are all made of stars


As with many before me, the Listserve email came as an unexpected surprise. What the heck do I have to write about? I'll just share some of the thoughts that often cross my mind: I think about how I am but one of 7 billion members of my species, all ...

[The Listserve] The Elephant in the Room

Christopher Nugent

Recently a close friend of mine passed away at his own hand. His suicide has haunted me in the past couple weeks. Today I write to you not on the subject I would like, but rather a burden on my heart since I heard of my friend’s passing. Suicide is not ...

[The Listserve] Beginnings and endings

Zak Strassburg

This listserv has caught me at one of the busiest and chaotic points of my life. With only one more semester of university ahead of me it's hard to know what to write. Should I talk about what brought me to where I am today? About how the last few years...

[The Listserve] Some thoughts

Maarten Pronk

I was caught unawares by the mail that I’ve won the Listserve Lottery. I’m working for a deadline next Tuesday and I am quite stressed as an architecture student. But I realized this is a rare chance to broaden my worldview. So please feel free to c...

[The Listserve] Hello World

Jerry DIxon

Hello out there.. My name is Jerry, and I’ve been on the internet since it was just a series of tubes. I teach a bit, (Computers and Programming) and enjoy technology the way you might think. As an “Early Adopter”, I still have my Compaq “Luggable” t...

[The Listserve]

Citizen 1975-2606-1118-m

We don’t have time to think. Yet you are searching for answers here. Good for you. Many of you have no time to read this. But this edition is on sale. It’s limited and you may get a prize. Check your spam inbox if you have Gmail. I found out I won th...

[The Listserve] A guy walks into a bar ...

The Listserve

I'm constantly amazed what I can learn from other people. My 15 month son taught me to have a good time, all you need is graham crackers and a plastic spatula, my grandpa taught me that crunchy peanut butter is good for your golf swing (I'm still trying...

[The Listserve] Starting Anew


Hi Everyone, I originally joined the list serve as I wanted the opportunity to maybe one day promote my own business, BUT, my view of the list serve purpose has changed immensely! I love receiving and reading about all of the different experiences, ...

[The Listserve] A Light Saber can Light up Your Life


I want to write about the funniest conversation I have participated in to date. My sister entertains when she doesn’t even mean to. With aspergers syndrome, she is always literal, serious, and takes things exactly as you say them. My sarcastic family...

[The Listserve] Passion to Profit


Every once in a while an idea floats to the front of your lobe and deserves further exploration. For me, it was using comedic talents to entertain a local audience in the Ozarks. Normally known as flyover country little old Springfield, Missouri has bee...

[The Listserve] Something to reflect on.

Neal Meldrum

My mother is from an island called Brac in Croatia. It is truly a remarkably beautiful place. She didn't own a pair of shoes until she was maybe 8 years old. She told me that for Christmas they may, if they were good, get an apple or a fig as a prese...

[The Listserve] Random thoughts


Hello world:) I don't have some special story for you so I just share you some thoughts, which help me to live and understand this crazy planet. 1. Boys! Don't be afraid to do something crazy for your girls. If you do something for woman, you ...