[The Listserve] Time for an experiment!

Randy Lubin

Hi! My name is Randy Lubin and today we're going to conduct an experiment. The goal is to explore the social network of Listserve members. Summary: Each participant will start an email chain that will eventually reach me, but only by going through f...

[The Listserve] Perfect

Peter Herrmann

The words just flowed from me as I wrote these poems over a period of a few months. When I read them again now, they remind me of what I love about her, that she's "perfect" and that I'm passionate and capable. ~ Humble hurt hoarse hands Hacking ...

[The Listserve] May you live in interesting times

Steve Donie

We live in interesting times. A couple of weeks ago I got to attend TEDx Austin at the new Circuit of The Americas track here in lovely Austin Texas. Lots of great talks and ideas, which you can go watch. One of the most interesting talks was by Byro...

[The Listserve] On Pessimism

Kevin Munns

Over the last 10 years I have struggled to become optimistic. If you know a pessimist, you'll know that it can be frustrating at times and nearly impossible to help them become more positive. Here are a few tips I learned over the years: Reward yo...

[The Listserve] woo!!


Durante los últimos años he conocido gente de muchos tipos, de diferentes maneras de pensar o actuar. Pero de la que más me he cruzado es de ese tipo de gente que no hace nada más allá de lo obligado, que va a la universidad, asiste a sus clases y vuel...

[The Listserve] Nice to meet you!

Chris Beaven

Hello there, I hope you are having a great day! I'm not great on the whole "inspirational messages" thing, so here's just some stuff about me: I get to live in New Zealand with my beautiful wife and 4 (soon to be 5!) children. Biking to and from m...

[The Listserve] Olympic athletes and donuts

Ken Childs

Every four years the Winter Olympics comes strolling through and, if you’re like me, you become captivated by not just the sports (seriously, curling is awesome) but the athletes involved in them. The various production companies tend to do a great job...

[The Listserve] Pretty earrings

Maria Laranjinha

I like details.Sometimes I wish I could take pictures whenever I blink my eyes. To save that detail for later. When I'm waiting for the bus or in the middle of a crowd, I imagine the lives of the people around me: that woman is wondering what she'll ...

[The Listserve] Just being there...


To all the people out there who we depend on to 'just be there' when we need you most. And those of who are constantly working to protect us. Thank you. I recently took an opportunity to spend a 12 hour shift shadowing an Ambulance crew in an fairly ...

[The Listserve] Sunrise in Lake Michigan

Vincent Yu

It's around 30ºF (-1 ºC) in Chicago right now. We just saw the first substantial snow of the new year and as a kid who grew up in West Coast suburbia, I never would have imagined myself saying, "I have come to appreciate everything that the city of Chic...

[The Listserve] “A day without fun is a day that eats sh*t” - Hunter S. Thompson


Short Version: Tell me about the most important trip you've ever taken and how it changed your perspective on the world - johnledyard1773@gmail.com Maybe it's because I had the opportunity to spend the past two weekends away from home, exploring a br...

[The Listserve] 300 miles


The drive from Seattle to my home on the border of Idaho takes four and half hours. I've made that trip nearly 60 times in my life. It is numbing driving through monotonous swaths of field and desert yet there is ample time to think. One's mind opens l...

[The Listserve] Some recommendations

Chris Barth

An appeal to your senses – if you have some time to follow a stranger's recommendations, here's what I'd suggest: HEAR: - If you have less than 5 minutes, listen to James Blake's new single "Retrograde" because it's phenomenal. - If you have ...

[The Listserve] Women in Tech

Michelle Glauser

Until recently, I was floundering. For years, my life focused on becoming a professor and finding someone to spend my life with, and neither of those was working out. I applied for jobs, considered an MBA, almost moved to China, and read. Then I met M...

[The Listserve] Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

Taylor Ann

I can't believe it's finally my turn to be on The Listserve. It's almost frightening thinking that your email will go out to the significantly large number of people who are already on this list. Some have already written while others are waiting their ...

[The Listserve] Winter wonderland


Hi! I guess I am supposed to write you a long e-mail filled with deep thoughts on life. I cannot do that. I am not old and I am not wise. Yesterday I (accidentally) set fire to a candy floss machine. My sister, however, is very wise (and very old)....

[The Listserve] "You've got no compression in your third valve..."

Emily Johnson

Twelve years ago my best friend and I (18 and 19 years old) planned a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Portland, Maine in her deceased grandfather’s old car. We bought plane tickets to Florida and gave ourselves a week to enjoy the drive back. It was e...

[The Listserve] Don't forget to check out the clouds today


I didn't go to church until I was in college. Spirituality was not really a part of my life, nor did I feel like it was missing. But I am a generally curious person, so in college I tried a Catholic mass or two, and then a friend took me to the Unitaria...

[The Listserve] Advice


I live in a country where entire sections of bookstores are dedicated to advice or self-improvement. Hell, in the late 90s we had a Billboard hit that was just an inspirational high-school graduation speech over a drum beat. So there is nothing I can...

[The Listserve] It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

Mariah Shevchuk

Hello all. Since I'm relatively new to The Listserve, I certainly didn't expect to win the lottery so soon! It's a wonderful surprise. I must say I love the concept behind The Listserve- using technology to keep us connected across the world, despite lo...

[The Listserve] Immigration

Vasiliy Ermolovich

Let's talk about immigration. To be honest I think about it almost every day. Ok, not every day but this theme appears in my head from time to time. And I really do not know why exactly I want to immigrate to another country. Maybe I'm bored of my curre...

[The Listserve] Their turn

Sarah McCarthy

I'm dragging myself through my first post-show morning with a baby so you'll have to bear with me. Man, how my life has changed. Let me explain. I've been involved with a local community theatre group, Shakespeare in the Park, for several years now. We ...

[The Listserve] What's the BIG IDEA?

Jane Boatman Geller

I adore illustrations. I am addicted to self help. I love that every day, I get the chance to create the life I want – a life of unlimited possibilities. One day (way too long ago), I had a BIG IDEA. What if I combined the things I love into an on...

[The Listserve] That jerk Simon

Eric Bogs

“U Make Me Want To Drink Bleach” by Easyworld reminds me of that jerk Simon I dated in London in 2002. My friends all told me he was an asshat, but boy did I fall for his posh accent and effort hair. When he introduced me to his favorite band-of-the-m...

[The Listserve] Try it, you might like it.


When I tell people what I do, they very often say ‘Oh I always wanted to learn that!’ So, I tell them what I am going to tell you. Do it. I am a Sign Language Interpreter. I live in the UK so I use BSL (British Sign Language) where you are, you will ...

[The Listserve] Never Have I Ever

Cory Johnson

Never Have I Ever Have you ever held the hand of a homeless person? I have. It was dirty, bruised, and scarred. But it gripped like any other hand, Reaching out to be acknowledged And holding on dearly to a momentary connection. A...

[The Listserve] The best day.....

Jennifer Adkisson

I received the notice that I won The Listserve lottery yesterday morning. I wondered what I would write about all day, but today I got my answer. First, I'd like to say that I am 39 years old. Really. I am not the most successful person, but I feel v...

[The Listserve] As you wish


Well this was unexpected. I am fairly new to The Listserve, and thought this honor would be bestowed upon me at a latter point. To be quite honest my first reaction was something like 'NOOO!!!!' Feeling unprepared, feeling unsure as to what I could add ...

[The Listserve] I hate the Sunshine State


It's interesting that this lottery email found me today, this minute, at this time in my life. Isn't that always the case? Do you ever have the overwhelming feeling that picking just one “favorite” is ridiculous? I always had a weird jealousy of peop...

[The Listserve] It's in the Mail


A hundred years ago the mail carriers working out of New York's main Post Office made nine deliveries a day, six days a week. Nearly three thousand opportunities each year for something unexpected to make its way into your mailbox. Twenty years ago I...