[The Listserve] A brief mathematics proof

Matt S.

"Let (x, y, z) ∈ R^3 be a point with integer coordinates. Show that if we choose 9 such points then the midpoint of at least one pair of these points has integer coordinates." Hi everyone, I'm Matt. I'm a student at the University of Melbourne, major...

[The Listserve] I really have to study for this exam but..


Sugaring season is in full swing here in Vermont, which means there is a lot of maple syrup to go around! If you're not familiar with the culture around production of pure Vermont maple syrup and the health benefits pure maple syrup has, please check it...

[The Listserve] My Dog, Petra

Michael F. Weinberg

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a technologist & social scientist. I planned to write about my list of very important things everyone should know about technology, but yesterday I found out that my dog, Petra, has a very large abdominal mass, and we're not sure...

[The Listserve] Stream of Consciousness


Random things on my mind: - Thank you, Nose Frida, for existing. You are gross, but you are a hero nonetheless. - Sick baby = sick household. Always. - Packing for a trip takes longer than the trip itself. (Anyone else struggle with this?) - Am I ...

[The Listserve] Of undetermined causes


“Can you please be more quiet? Your mom is sick,” my grandmother tells my younger brother and me while we are playing on the carpet of the living room. I am 9 years old and to me being sick means having a cold. But my mom is spending long hours layin...

[The Listserve] How a podcast changed my life

Serik Slobodskoy

For some context, Rich Roll was an overweight, alcoholic lawyer who transformed into an ultra-endurance athlete & entrepreneur in his mid 40s. Randomly, just under two years ago, I listened to an episode of 'The Rich Roll Podcast'... Here's how 2...

[The Listserve] Hello from London


I have to say, I was not expecting to be writing this so soon after signing up and this may pass a number of you by. However, to those who choose to read this, hello there. I always thought I’d write something profound but instead I’ll send some life...

[The Listserve] Show up

Kaleigh Rose

I joined and learned of the listserve exactly two months ago when my dear friend, Bianca, told me about it. She had copied this particularly moving quote and shared it with me. You see, she was reaching out to me and showing up for me as a good friend s...

[The Listserve] Perspective and Other Thoughts


Hello people of the world! I'm Kirsten and I'm a 20 year-old theatre major/Starbucks barista. One of the most essential tools that a theatre person can have is a plethora of perspective. I spend a lot of time people watching. Heck, I even signed up for ...

[The Listserve] OMG

Uncle Dave

After all these years , my name comes up and like many others, I struggle with what to say. Whenever I am asked, "How are you?" or some variation of that greeting, I almost always say, "My life is perfect in every way". And almost always, if they have...

[The Listserve] The Day I Won The Listserve

Megan Corvus

The first alarm goes off at 5am. This is the reminder to take my temperature, the most recent chore in 2.5 years of trying to get pregnant with our second child. I have turned off the alarm every day for the last week, since I went on a trip, left my ...

[The Listserve] You've just won the game!


Hi everyone, That was just homage to my favorite Listserve subject line. You know who you are. Respect. I’m a 26 year-old professional, and I wanted to get your thoughts on what I’ve seen so far in my place of work. What I’m asking about is, I’...

[The Listserve] Substance

Dee Holme-Werner

Working on the therapeutic team of an Addiction Centre in South Africa, my country. On night shift right now, in an enormous Cape Dutch house in the middle of a forest. All clients are asleep. I have just done my first round after lights out and felt a...

[The Listserve] The World I Know to Be True.


I live in a world of go. Go forth, go on, go in, go for it. It’s this constant go that gives me speed and strength. It’s also this go that gives me impatience, and a desperate need to discover the world at a rapid pace. At 31, I’m still learning, breaki...

[The Listserve] Something that makes me happy


We are like this, we live and we don't understand. We talk, we give advice when the only person who needs advice is ourself. We prefer the vane instant satisfaction to any hard challenge that needs strength and perseverance. Sorry if I talk so aimless...

[The Listserve] on recent events


please take a moment today to think about your friends, your family, your loved ones. treat them with love, treat them with respect, try your best to understand why they act the way they do. if you're a parent, i implore you- treat your kids the way yo...

[The Listserve] Straight White Boy's Argument for Diversity


If you could build a championship football team in any way you wanted, would you have Tom Brady at every position? No, you wouldn’t. Even though he is the best player in the history of football, teams require different skills at every position to win. ...

[The Listserve] Finding your passion

Jason Stack

I have a lot of things I'm good at. This didn't crop up in my undergrad years. From a young age, I've been a voracious reader - which has slowed down a little lately because of work, MBA classes, and life in general. I'm a film buff - so much so t...

[The Listserve] Be kind


Even at nearly fifty, I can't say I've got life figured out, and I am beginning to suspect it will never happen: there are no adults - we're all just winging it. And that's fine - but that brings me to the subject line: Be kind. Life can be damn ha...

[The Listserve] The Importance of History (and the humanities in general)

Mindy Clegg

Dear listservians- History matters. Human beings make meaning out the seeming randomness of life—cause and effect, coherent narratives, ripples in a pond, the butterfly effect. Knowing the roots and aftershocks of events that appear to be (as the Doct...

[The Listserve] Learned Along The Way


Want to share several things I have learned along the way. Show the persons that you care about that they really matter. If you do not ask, you cannot get a yes. Do not put off until tomorrow, what you can do today, especially when it comes t...

[The Listserve] Things that saved me


In 2009 at 22 years old I went on a date with a charismatic guy that I soon fell in love with and we spend 5 incredible years together as a couple. We were young kids in love and it unfolded like a lot of love stories might. We moved in together, we wer...

[The Listserve] The saddest 4 words


There's a pattern I've noticed across many newspaper and magazine articles, TV documentaries and other channels. It always starts with a group of kids with a shared passion, and a different group of kids with the same passion. They follow them both a...

[The Listserve] GAVIN PURCELL

Arthur Meyer

Hey, I’m Arthur Meyer. I’m gonna just write a bunch of different stuff. 1. My girlfriend Kat (whom I’ve made love to) has this sleeveless t-shirt that has a penguin on the front, and on the back it says “May 2, 1987.” Exactly one year earlier – Ma...

[The Listserve] Brightening Your Day

Jenna Ferman

Dear Listserv readers, Here are a few gems to brighten your day: A song: Zahav - Static and Ben El Tavori I teach English in a middle school in Israel, and my students are currently obsessed with this song. They got me hooked after one listen. I ...

[The Listserve] I've got a letter with your name on it!


February is International Correspondence Writing Month (search for "incowrimo"!), which means that I need to write 28 letters. If you'd like, just send me your address (or P.O. Box, if you're so inclined) and I'll send you a bit of mail. I might even d...

[The Listserve] Life after death

Mary A.

I was half-watching the evening news as I worked to keep my fussy milk monster/baby latched and feeding. Just beyond the TV that I was blankly looking at was the house door. I vividly saw the door opening and dad stepping in, with a wide infectious grin...

[The Listserve] The Dark Side of Renewable Energy


I am on the front lines of renewable energy development in the US. Think of those “flyover” states of the Midwest where hundreds of wind turbines and solar panels are strewn about. Those are what I am responsible for, and spend years working on. Picking...

[The Listserve] You've won The Listserve!

Orly Arbit

Just kidding! Now that I have you here, (assuming you're not really angry and stopped reading) I'll get to my actual message... I'd like to take this opportunity to make the case for Meatless Mondays. The concept behind Meatless Mondays is to sim...

[The Listserve] You can never have too many plastic storage containers


Growing up, my father regularly inserted so-called “Life Lessons” into conversations. Some were specific to me: “never date a Yankees fan” was a mantra my Boston-loving self had in her head starting at age seven. Some were situational: “when you get to ...