[The Listserve] Immigrants, America, Grandmas and Recipes

Nikhil Kumar

There seems to be a pattern when a new wave of immigrants hits the American shores. First, they are understood as a monolithic group. Their individual stories are squashed into a common history. Romans and Napolitanos are Italians. Chinese and Koreans a...

[The Listserve] Differently Abled

Prabhu Kandasamy

What started as a moment, became a journey. What started as a journey is defining my life. Time for a flash back !!! I participated in International Speech contest in 2015. Was I a born orator ? Of course not. Did I know I could reach the semifinals of ...

[The Listserve] Life goes on

Carol Olona

I started to think I had deleted the email telling me I had won the listserv. It took years to win… I just returned from my parent’s 60th anniversary party. We had a great time. I looked up my cousins and far flung relatives and got pictures in ad...

[The Listserve] Sarah

Dean M

I need to write this down. A metaphor that took form in the space between conscious and subconscious as I dozed in my airplane seat. It came with striking clarity, played like a movie to my own narration. It was a couple of hours ago and half a dream so...

[The Listserve] Buycott


A lot of people feel that their voices in our societies matter less and less. This leads to isolationist decisions, and whether I or you agree with them, there seems to be a general feeling of despair, loss and insignificance. This is only until we real...

[The Listserve] This is what I tell myself.

Julia Haskins

I WON!!!!!! (How are so many Listserve winners able to control their excitement? I am definitely not one of those people.) My “You’ve won The Listserve!” email came at a pretty inopportune time, as I’m sure it does for most people. I’m currently drow...

[The Listserve] Maybe life isn't for everyone

Jungshook V

This opportunity came at the worst possible time. When I'm at my absolute worst, and have no motivation to do anything at all. I almost passed on this chance. - I miss my grandma a lot. - I still haven't come to terms with the death of my friend, it...

[The Listserve] Your average sex worker


We felt absolutely normal. We laughed, cried, gossiped, watched make-up tutorials, went on juice-cleansing diets and found out that they didn’t work, took selfies, talked to parents, avoided conversations with parents; stood in lines on April 15th to fi...

[The Listserve]

Peter J. Anapol

Fellow Listservians… I thought that if I ever won the Listserve lottery that I would have pages upon pages of thoughts and ideas, but the mind isn’t what it used to be. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to read everyone’s submissions. Thank...

[The Listserve] You Matter

Olivia Jones

One of the most difficult things, you must admit, is learning that this world isn't about you. When I first worked out the world wasn't about me I definitely cried. A pretty cry though. No ugly crying here. I think that's why this is a hard email to ...

[The Listserve] Learning from Failure

Jason Yee

Hi Listservians, Like most other winners, my shock of winning (especially after being a member for so many years) quickly gave way to panic over what to write. But then I figured, I’d just tell you what I’ve told thousands of others around the world....

[The Listserve] This is an email of three parts.


Love. A year ago I drove from Boston to Woods Hole and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard for a first date with a girl named Katrina. We walked along the beach and she skipped rocks along the ocean surface like a pro. It was a breathless fast walkin...

[The Listserve] 5 tips to help you travel more + travel better

Theresa Christine

Hi you! I'm Theresa, a travel blogger living in Los Angeles, CA. I have pink hair, I put bow ties on my cat, and I believe in laughing every day. I've volunteered to repair trails at the Grand Canyon, snorkeled in zero degree water in Iceland, and rode ...

[The Listserve] Three random thoughts

Mary Huntington

Two years ago I was emotionally pessimistic, but intellectually thought the world was going to be ok. Now I'm in a better place and ready to be optimistic, but I'm still so confused by the changes in my life and the world that I haven't figured out what...

[The Listserve] A squirrel in the tree of knowledge

Sylvia Wenmackers

Dear fellow Listservian, My name is Sylvia and I'm a philosopher of science. One of my favourite quotes about science comes from Albert Einstein: “[A]ll our science, measured against reality, is primitive and childlike – and yet it is the most pre...

[The Listserve] A Message to Today's Listserve Winner


Hey Listserve winner, Yes, you. Hi. It’s nice to meet you, too. Listen, I’m just going get to the point. Every Listserve winner always writes a message to everyone else on the list. But today, my message is just for you. I want to ask ...

[The Listserve] A life abroad


I worry sometimes that I don't actually love traveling. I've had the great luck to have parents that travelled (with and without me) when I was a child — and that progression seemed only natural as I now creep towards my thirties. An American who loves ...

[The Listserve] I was that Radical Feminist that I am

Cara Ungar

In college I was a radical Marxist feminist. Yes. I studied photography and poetry. I went on to earn a PhD in Rhetoric and Cultural Studies. I was part of a long line of proud activists. My mother was a women's health researcher and organizer. My gran...

[The Listserve] The Lesson That Took 27 Years For Me To Learn


I used to have a lot of friends. I don’t anymore. I know what you’re going to say…”Oh, honey, don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s a circumstance of growing older, of moving to a different city. It’s just life…people will come into it and people will g...

[The Listserve] To My Sister


My sister is the writer in the family. She uses words like “furtive” and “pedantic” in daily conversation without sounding pretentious- they are simply the correct word for the description or thought she wants to share. She’s won awards at ivy league un...

[The Listserve] Seven Life Lessons

Bronwen Raff

Here are the top seven life lessons I learned from serving in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and Panama for 2 years, 11 months and 23 days. 1) Check your ego. I can use one liter of water to take a shower, kill chickens, pigs and cockroac...

[The Listserve] Love & Life Pt. 2


Pure luck that I have received the Listserve for a second time! In my first email to all of you, I wrote about three important things in my life. 3 years later, here is how they have changed: 1. Music: Music is still a huge part of my life. I have st...

[The Listserve] An offer and an ask


Today, for you I have an offer - something that I'd like to share with you - and an ask - something that I'd like to request from you: My offer: I'm 22 years old, and am born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. I grew up in the heart of the cit...

[The Listserve] More SpaceX, less Snapchat


Less than a month ago, Snapchat went public. An app that (at its core) lets you share photos with your friends on the internet? There's dozens of those that don't suck (and hundreds more that do). Long story short: Startups, stop trying to solve the...

[The Listserve] Dark fairy tales in Donbass

Andrew Grenfell

When I meet up with old friends I ask them what has happened in the last 24 hours. I like to ground things in the present. I’m writing this from a flat in Moscow, home to three generations of a Russian family. Over breakfast this morning 11-year-old ...

[The Listserve] Just outside NYC

Max Avery Lichtenstein

I was stuck in bed. It was August of 2008. I’d recently had a lumbar puncture, a so-called “spinal tap”, to analyze my cerebrospinal fluid for the telltale signs of multiple sclerosis. As a musician, I couldn’t help but have that ridiculous band of fict...

[The Listserve] Got Wisdom?

Saagar Gupta

Curiosity is the lust of the mind; it cures boredom but nothing cures it. The spirit of this is to teach you at least one new thing. I welcome responses so don’t hesitate to email me! -Kratom: A tea from Southeast Asia, part of the coffee family, can h...

[The Listserve] Self Appreciation, Kenya is Great!

Jescar Opiyo

Jambo friends, Seated at the corner in my current office, I am reflecting back….like 20 years ago when I had started knowing what is good and what is bad and you know what! It is a milestone indeed and I’m very grateful to God. I have achieved so ...

[The Listserve] Inequality and education in france

The Listserve

Hi, whatever path you have chosen, I hope you're doing well and thriving. Lately I developed an strong interest in the dynamics of inequality, therefore here is a subjective first look at how it inhabits the french school system. More than the us...

[The Listserve] AFTER THE ROCK


There is nothing I can write which someone else in this wonderful group has not already written better. Love, Kindness, Empathy, all the paramount things have been covered. I can, however, recommend some bands in the Post-rock subgenre. Their music ...