[The Listserve] Lasers and Creeds


I love science. I went into science because I love finding out how the world works. Call it persuit of truth. And I have a mild addiction to mathematics, but if I went full mathematician, then I’d have to admit that I have a problem. So, I stuck wit...

[The Listserve] My favorite biscuit recipe

Molly de Blanc

I was saddened when I learned my favorite biscuit recipe was from the New York Times. Previously I had imagined myself as one in a line of kitchen witches, tracing ourselves back generations, whispering arcana over shared meals, pantries and fires. B...

[The Listserve] This is difficult


I was sincerely shocked when I learned that I had won the listserv. I never thought this day would come. Anyways, I really just want to share what I’ve learned this summer. I am a university student and I stayed at school for the summer. As a person who...

[The Listserve] Time After Time


I wrote a whole long letter, just like many on The Listserve, about how I try to find happiness. But instead, I'll just share a poem that I wrote a long time ago. time after time you brought me silence and water for the lilies I held deep time...

[The Listserve] Bilbo


Dear all, I've been reading all your amazing letters for years and now that I won I have no idea what to say. What could I possibly write to contribute to your lives as much as you have contributed to mine? I don't really have an inspiring messa...

[The Listserve] Read this e-mail.


Just be kind. Really. I guess most people missed the last listserve saying this. Love you Dani S2 =* Someone World

[The Listserve] Chasing beauty

Guillermo Carvajal

Hello from Spain, I’m an historian, writer and father of three who tries to make a living of my website. Before I was a librarian for nine years, but that was over nine years ago now. I’ve always thought beauty has to be simple, not complicated, somethi...

[The Listserve] Just Some Small Things


Try to say "thank you" instead of "I'm sorry." Example: "I'm sorry for being such a downer" vs. "thank you for being here for me during this tough time." People love to feel appreciated, so try to express that when you feel it. I went through an awfu...

[The Listserve] Hi


You know, I've thought about what I would write if I won the Listserve lottery several times, and never really came to any conclusions. Sure, I've got an exceptionally average life, like most people and have my own share of wisdom and tidbits of advice...

[The Listserve] Skinny Dipping in Indonesia


I probably shouldn’t have gone skinny dipping in Indonesia. It was a bit too late and we’d had a bit too much to drink but there was (close to) a full moon a (closer to) chance of a making out. Plus it was Bali and I was 24. So I got in. The water...

[The Listserve]  Couch to 5k...Words!

Andrew S.

Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always been a big reader. At a young age, my parents read to me every night. I grew up in the Shire, went to school at Hogwarts and traveled the yellow-brick road in Oz. I’m still a vorac...

[The Listserve] Hi! Thanks for reading if you do!

The Listserve

Life is hard. I have about three autoimmune diseases. I’m racking them up. I figure maybe if I get another it will cure the first three. Who knows what cures what? I have Crohn’s disease, that’s probably my worst. If you know someone with Crohn’s diseas...

[The Listserve]  Motivation

Lee Uber

Its all been done. But I think YOU can do it better. Go. Get it done. Now. Today. And do it better than anyone that came before you ever has. The only thing I ask is that you credit me for motivating you. Lee Uber Santa Clarita, CA lee.uber@gmail....

[The Listserve] Other Life In the Universe; The Necessary Perception of "Bad Things"


OTHER LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE The universe is really old. And big. Do you really think that humans are the first/only species to become that "intelligent"? But if there are supreme beings, why would they let "bad things" happen? Well, the ability to ...

[The Listserve] Headstands and Plastic Whales


Step 1: Breath Step 2: Bring yourself to your hands and knees Step 3: Lower to your elbows and clasp your hands together Step 4: Cradle the back of your head with your hands while keeping your elbows on the ground Step 5: Lower the top of your head ...

[The Listserve] The Truth Will Set You Free


When I signed up for the Listserve years ago, I certainly didn't think my turn would find me in rehab, but here I sit. I imagined writing about so many things that I would've had a difficult time choosing only one, but today my choice is easy. I'll try ...

[The Listserve] You gonna open this?

B Govindji

You chose to open my email. You might also choose to spend the next minute or two inhabiting this cosy little corner of my consciousness. Welcome. I’ll suggest an experiment for us later. First, I'll show you what’s going on in my brain: it’s often unex...

[The Listserve] Raw Milk & Me

Michael Durante

I have only gotten two reactions when I bring up the topic of raw milk in conversation. (I bring it up often.) The first is indifference; many people don’t know that unpasteurized milk exists. The second reaction is uncontrolled rage from those that hav...

[The Listserve] An Eye Forward

David M

Cancer Sucks. I got it last year. But i'm back! If you want to learn about computers and how to build them, and what all those components are, you can get my ebook for free if you don't want to pay anything for it on smashwords(dot)com - How to Build...

[The Listserve] My favorite joke!


9/11 is my favorite joke of all time. Like twenty five years ago a rich Saudi started attacking things and people and symbols across the world. Brazen attacks. Huge growth. Bombed the financial power center of the world. Bombed an American Navy v...

[The Listserve] This email brought to you by: 44 minutes of panicked writing.

Nick Sequeira

Hello! I’m Nick. I’m also a podcaster, producer, computer guy, recovering conservative, and an aspiring writer. This email is due in about 45 minutes and it’s one of five I’ve halfway written in the last two days. A few moments ago, my Twitter ...

[The Listserve] Keep watching the skies


Hi ListServers The world’s a massive place, well worth exploring and full of stuff. Some of the stuff’s a bit wonky, but you can find some gems. Technology is one of those gems, I think. It's responsible for so much. I have faith that the effects ...

[The Listserve] a beautiful surprise

kayla a.

I am 28 years old living in Austin, TX. I have so many good memories in this city, the most memorable ones I've made with my fiance. We dated for 5+ years before he popped the question last December (23rd to be exact) and oh man, was I excited. I always...

[The Listserve] Why Now Listserve?


Hello all! I think that the powers of the Listserve choose you when your life is most chaotic. Please be patient with me. I got the winning email on the same day that I got a call from a school district that they went with someone else, and I was put...

[The Listserve] Tragedies, minor and major


When I was in the eighth grade, I had a crush on a boy. He invited me to go to the school dance "together" which meant meeting there and hanging out, and I was thrilled. He never showed and I spent the whole night crying with my already fragile middle s...

[The Listserve] Travel & Food


Hi Everyone, I honestly started to believe that I would never win the listserve. I've been on the list for over 5 years, have 1,575 listserve emails still in my inbox, and have read and treasured every email I have been sent over those years. Sin...

[The Listserve] I Love Technology


Why do you love me Why do you need me Always and forever We met in a chat room Now our love can fully bloom Sure, the World Wide Web is great But you, you make me 'salivate' Yes, I love technology But not as much as you, you see Bu...

[The Listserve] It happened


Myanmar, 2011: A friend gave me some leftovers since she was going out to dinner and then travelling and didn't want the food to get wasted. She left me a note on a postcard of a beautiful little girl. I kept that postcard on my desk - and looked into...

[The Listserve] How can I help you?

Robert Flohr

Hi everyone! I really hope you are all doing well, and wanted to offer my support should you need it. Please don't be afraid to e-mail me at rbflohr@gmail.com with any questions or requests. If it is in my power to help you out I will try my best to...

[The Listserve] 40 something

Forty something

My 20-year college reunion is a month away. My two good friends are very excited to go. And I’m not as excited. I have mixed feelings about reunions. It’s just about 30 miles away so it’s not a huge investment of time or money. Why not. I lived in...