[The Listserve] Thank you and goodbye

The Listserve team

Hi Listserve community, After five years, we've decided to shut down the Listserve. This project started at a drastically different point in our lives. We were all graduate students at NYU, enrolled in Clay Shirky's class, "Designing Conversationa...

[The Listserve] infinite games

Steve Intlekofer

Love to everyone. I wrote the email below to the writer of the book Finite and Infinite Games, James Carse. Here is the first paragraph of the book: - There are at least two kinds of games. One could be called finite, the other infinite. A finite ...

[The Listserve] You can help me!

Toke Lowie

Hello people of the world and aliens disguised as humans that like to read the listserve of the world If you believe in karma or doing a good deed every day, I got you! You can help me out a lot! If you don’t believe in any of that... well, you can ...

[The Listserve] Dinner for Two


Dinner for Two by Bryan Perkins “She’s gourmet,” I said to the phone. “Of course I want to go out with her. Next to her I’m like dog food.” “So what’s the problem?” the phone asked back. “The problem? I can’t even afford to go out to a nice res...

[The Listserve] Finding Your Passion

Stephanie DeCesare

Hi, all. I am very excited to have won the Listserv. I never imagined it would happen, but now I would like to share whatever knowledge I can. I will share with you all what I have been struggling with recently. I am a 28 year old working as a physic...

[The Listserve] Building for the future


Winning the Listserv, great! Must be on a winning streak. We recently won another prize: a tender for a building project. Felt a little strange, entering a competition to win the right to hand over a large sum of money, but hey, the Amsterdam housing...

[The Listserve] Alone / Together


Both a Muslim prayer rug and a Jewish prayer shawl are essentially rectangles of cloth. It is this material connection that first piqued my interest. How does a cloth rectangle become a ritual object? At which moment in the arc from being made to being ...

[The Listserve] A few of my favorite bits of wisdom

Shadi Bavar

I like to characterize myself as a realistic optimist. I am young but I have seen more of the world than some people ever will, and I consider myself fortunate for that. These are some strange times we are living through, and I cannot even imagine the t...

[The Listserve] Until next time, friends


We might not last forever, but we will last until we do not. I don't have any enigmatic or inspirational advice, but we do have each other. I love you all. Sleep well and don't let the bed bugs bite. Peter East Greenwich, Rhode Island piwam...

[The Listserve] I'm right on top of that, Rose!


Hi, everyone! I'm 38, and I decided a few years ago to believe myself - I don't want to have children, I don't want to be a mother. It was a lot easier to accept that for myself than to forgive myself for feeling that way. I feel really guilty for no...

[The Listserve] I Teach University-Level Writing

Dr. Steven W Hopkins

Hey Listserve, It’s been a fun few years getting to know some of you and having your advice come into my life. Thanks for your honest introductions to who you are, what you care about, and how you live. I teach writing at the university level. Tea...

[The Listserve] Three words

Juan Luis Aracena

Please, be yourself. If you need some words, If you need someone to listen to something that nobody around you can hear, write me, tell me, be honest, be kind. I believe in you. @jlaracena Juan Luis Aracena Santiago, Chile juan.luis.arac...

[The Listserve] I have no words of wisdom to offer


So, I won! Yay, me. I became a member a couple of months after this project started. I found it via stumble upon and it caught my attention right away; the idea of receiving emails from real people from around the world excited me. Sort of like having a...

[The Listserve] Preventing HIV - it ain't what it used to be


Did you know there is a medication approved by the FDA and some Euro countries that prevents HIV infection? There is! And it's incredibly effective. The concept is called pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP. Right now, one drug is approved, but a lot of ot...

[The Listserve] I will be what I will be?


“Cause we are broken What must we do to restore our innocence And all the promise we adored?” - Hayley Williams Pretty cliche, right? When I was an angsty teenager I found it profound. Now, burdened with the self-conscious self-awareness of an ang...

[The Listserve] Desires 


My morning journaling the day I won. My desires for myself vs. Gods desires for me: - help others vs. love others - do the bare minimum vs. giving my all to His call - stay in my depression vs. walk in His light - success vs. surrender - money...

[The Listserve] From Leiden to Zipaquirá, to the rest of the world.

Anna Helena

Time flies when you're having fun. And when you just won the Listserve and have only 48 hours to come up with something to write. I am writing all of you from this little place called Zipaquirá, Colombia. Tomorrow, wednesday the 6th of March, marks m...

[The Listserve] The Search for Meaning

Joshua Y

Eighteen. Vacant. 37. Orange. Touched. Migrate. Patient. 1120. Tortoise. Illustrate. The previous words have no meaning, at least not on their own. Not without context. Why are they organized the way that they are? Even I don't know, and I'm the one ...

[The Listserve] Conservationist Conservator; not Conservative


A conservator is someone who works in a cultural institution or in the private sector, conserving art and artifacts for the future. We have sometimes been called “restorers” but that term implies a craftsperson, while the profession has come to encompas...

[The Listserve] Hi!


Right now, I am sitting in the waiting room while my dad is having surgery. All of the humor I wanted to share was forgotten when I remembered I had minutes to submit my email!! Doesn’t help that my mind is going 1000 miles a minute while my dad’s bac...

[The Listserve] Rush Right In

Heather Yang

I always wondered what the email winners of the Listserve received said. Now I know. I don’t remember when exactly I joined the Listserve, but I do know that I joined because of a Listserve email my best friend Nikki had forwarded to me years ago. I ...

[The Listserve] The Colorado River ate my homework


On February 1 2018, I drove from Los Angeles to Flagstaff to meet 11 strangers with whom I would be rafting 226 miles of the Colorado River. Our trip ended yesterday. After hiking the Hayduke Trail along the Colorado River deep in the Grand Canyon in 20...

[The Listserve] Three requests and three favorites

Dave Stookesberry

It has been a hard week. Once again, more kids have been gunned down in a senseless act of violence. However, kids give me hope. They have taken this tragedy which could sink them, and instead rallied to demand changes to make this a safer and more c...

[The Listserve] dooooo eeeeeeeeet

Tony Colston

When I signed up years ago I intended to use the listserve to show off my business that I co-founded. But time has past and we sold it. I still work there. You can see it here: cross browser testing DOT com I used to play in a band. And I wish I still ...

[The Listserve] Choose To Love


It feels strangely coincidental that I’ve won the Listserve this week. I know that the news has shown nothing but gun control debates for the last few days, and I’m sorry if this feels redundant. I would like to share my story with you because it has ne...

[The Listserve] After Your Kid Has Cancer

Chris Cummings

I won the listserve in the fall of 2016. I honestly never thought I’d win once, let alone twice. At that time my family was going through one of the biggest nightmares you could imagine as a parent. My 13 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Ost...

[The Listserve] My Favorite Poem


I've enjoyed reading everyone's responses to the Listserve over the last 4 years. I'm a big subscriber to the theory that someone has probably said whatever you want to say better than you have... so I'll leave you all with my favorite poem. On Child...

[The Listserve] Be kind

Jesper Bröring

Hello fellow listservers, It has been 1601 days since I signed up to the listserve back in October 2013. Since then I have started multiple topics I thought I should write about, but it still caught me by surprise. I’ve had a loss in my family last w...

[The Listserve] Help me explore the world!

Andrea D

Confession: this is the second time I've won The Listserve, but the first time I was too afraid I didn't have anything interesting to say! This time around, I'm throwing caution to the wind and I'm here asking you to help me on my grand adventure. I'...

[The Listserve] It's hard to draw when it's cold

Paulina Stanek

Hey, My name is Paulina and I live in a crappy and cold city of Warsaw, Poland. I'm a 25 year old graphic designer and animator and I'm one of the creators of a very cool family "theatre-like" TV series. I work for a public institution - a national ...