[The Listserve] I won!

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Hi hello everyone.

I never once thought I'd win a chance to write stuff and send it to everyone. I signed up for this while being a freshman in high school. I am now a senior haha. Anyways I hope Christmas was good to you all! And that you all have a wonderful new years. My christmas didn't go that well but it'll be alright. Things like this happen every year. All that matters is I am alive and I'm going to graduate soon. Moving on, I once had this teacher who drank coffee everyday in his classroom and his class always smelled good. His name was Mr. Smith and I think he's the one who told me about this.

Currently at the moment I'm trying to persue a career in art. I'm not the best but I enjoy doing stuff that in involves drawing. That's about it. That's all I really have going for me. Enjoy your day!