[The Listserve] Am I the only one?


Am I the only one who… - lives in a mayor capital city, pays a shitload of rent and complains that her house is actually too big? - doesn’t dare to watch 16+ movies? (I’m 29.) - really wants to have those African hips to dance a better Azonto (check ...

[The Listserve] There is no god.


There is no god. God is an idea, created by humans to explain and comfort. Early humans couldn’t comprehend the idea of lightning, so they envisioned a powerful bearded guy up in the sky angrily tossing down lightning bolts. They didn’t understand what...

[The Listserve] The consequences of our actions

Zoë Mens

I’m Zoë, I’m a medical student in the Netherlands and within one year I can call myself a doctor. I had the chance to do three months of my internships in Tanzania, which has changed my view on medicine. I’m not going to talk about the suffering, the...

[The Listserve] What inspires you?


Listserve emails are usually too long. This one isn’t! What inspires you to push yourself? Ask yourself once a week and write it down. Don’t forget it. I’ve done this for 3 years and every year keeps getting better. Please tell me your answers on Twi...

[The Listserve] What is your True North?


I invite you to take a moment and concisely define what drives you. In our everyday lives, we are consumed with busyness, moments of reflection are increasingly few and far in between. What is keeping you busy? Is it working, family, friends, Social l...

[The Listserve] Hello!


Hello! I work as an archivist in a major research library. I often get asked about "the stuff" (manuscripts, old books, cool artifacts, etc.), but that's not why I love what I do*. Archival management/theory is a strange mix of philosophy, humanit...

[The Listserve] The Beauty and Terror of all Things

Jeff L.

Hi Listserve! My passions are technology, psychology and comedy. Technology gives me hope for the future. Psychology gives me a window into understanding all the strange human behaviors. Comedy lets me laugh about all of it. But each of my pass...

[The Listserve] 3 Things


Trade me: In this email I will suggest 3 things to do in 2018, and I hope to get many emails of 3 things to do in response. So please, email me 3 of your own things! My 3 things Take care of a plant or animal -- There is something special about ta...

[The Listserve] A moment of reflection


It is very easy to get stuck into a daily routine. In that way you develop engrained habits. This might even happen without you noticing it. So, try to take some time answering the following questions to bring a moment of reflection into your day. Do...

[The Listserve] Finding common ground


More and more of us are living in separate narratives. We believe conflicting “facts”; we don’t talk about important issues with people who hold different political views; and we rely on very different sources of information. The outcome is a great d...

[The Listserve] Ideas


I have a general theory about ideas I would like to share. It's based on two axioms: 1. You need to have a lot of ideas to find a good one. 2. Most ideas are bad. The following theorem can be derived: You need a lot of bad ideas in order to co...

[The Listserve] To that I say nay!


If I had won this contest a few years ago, I might have tried to write something profound and meaningful, but I'm a big boy now (I turned 30 last month and my mom says it's time to be a grown-up) and I'm pretty sure people don't read these anymore (I wi...

[The Listserve] I won!


Hi hello everyone. I never once thought I'd win a chance to write stuff and send it to everyone. I signed up for this while being a freshman in high school. I am now a senior haha. Anyways I hope Christmas was good to you all! And that you all have ...

[The Listserve] Love yourself


Hi! Today is lottery day in Spain, we all have a feeling of ilusión Not because of money but to can help others, to feel free to go anywhere, to make some dreams real Christmas are here so we feel better together sharing food drinks and laughs. ...

[The Listserve] a list of made-for-TV romcoms

Yulin Kuang

A list of made-for-TV romcoms I remember better than most Oscar-winning movies: 1. LUCKY 7 (2003) - starring Patrick Dempsey and Annie from Father of the Bride. She's living her life according to a timeline her dying mother drew for her as a child; s...

[The Listserve] Beirut, I love you


I was born in the wrong era. I long for the pearl of the Mediterranean that was once Beirut. I miss her blinding lights, the warm summer nights, the immaculate architecture, and the endless conversations in Zokak el-Blat overseeing the glistening cer...

[The Listserve] Comfort for Danny

Becca A.

One of my dearest and closest heartfriends, Daniel, lost his mother last week. He's the writer (not me) so I will keep this brief. It was he who introduced me to this community of strangers so it seems appropriate for me to dedicate this to him. If ...

[The Listserve] A Poem for Your Troubles

A Humble Listserver

Hadn’t thought this through, what I’d write, since I never figured I would. And to be honest, I haven’t been reading all the message. But here – a poem I tacked up on my apartment wall and board at work to get me through and out and free, and although i...

[The Listserve] Socialism or barbarism.


Capitalism will not save you. Capitalism will not save this planet. Capitalism will only enable the richest to get richer as the rest of us die screaming. Sorry to be a fucking downer, but 2017 was a bastard of a year. -hx ATL GA USA

[The Listserve] Get out of your house NOW!


You only have so many days on this earth. Go hiking. Get out of the house and enjoy your day. Where I live, the air is nearly unbreathable this time of year. Think worst pollution in the world. So if you’ve got blue skies today and food in your stomach,...

[The Listserve] Is 2018 the right time to buy Bitcoin?


Disclosure: This is NOT financial or tax advice. You have been hearing a lot of buzz about Bticoin (BTC). It poses a unique opportunity to invest, albeit a speculative investments, in what could be a valuable currency and/or commodity. However, ther...

[The Listserve] mind officially blown


If you're looking for something interesting, find "The Bible Project" on YouTube. I ran across their animated videos two years ago, and they are addictive (truly good animation is a rare thing these days). In 6 minutes or less, two hipsters from Portla...

[The Listserve] How did I even get here?

Bilal Ghalib

Dearest Listserve friends I wanted to spend this moment to share something that changed my life. In 2008 I was failing college, and feeling stuck in my life living as a conservative Muslim in Michigan. I had to hide my girlfriends, my musical ins...

[The Listserve] Shame, sleep, thoughts, plans, loves, sprints.


Hey Listserve, Everyone has a story, and everyone learned things along the way that they wish they had known (or known the very real importance of) at the outset of their story. If you take *nothing* else from this email, take this: * Never let...

[The Listserve] the person who inspires


I would like to share with you all the story of the person who inspires me the most. I just returned to the U.S. from 14 months living in Tanzania working with a local organization that provides services to children and youth with disabilities (now look...

[The Listserve] Her name is Wei Ling

João Pedro Fernandes

Hi everyone, Can’t believe I finally won this. Anyway, here’s my story. A few years ago I quit my office job and moved to Australia to become a photojournalist. That didn’t work too well (go wonder) and I ended up working a series of odd jobs – kitch...

[The Listserve] Finding and living your truth

Richar Young

Hi Everybody, I have a question for you guys and I promise the answer will eventually bring you happiness if you find it. What are you passionate about? For me, the answer is music. I am a singer/songwriter and I play piano (and I’m currently learning ...

[The Listserve] Walk On By


1970s rural Iowa A couple of tough, race car driving brothers went down to the bar after the weekly stock car races. A few other local tough guys were there also. One tough guy started a fight with the younger of the two brothers. Somebody broke it u...

[The Listserve] 4 People I Admire


These four people inspire me and have profoundly changed my life. Wendell Berry "Eating is an agricultural act." "To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival." Thich Nhat Hanh "Present...

[The Listserve] Peace

Stephen Hebert

In the past 48 hours, I have composed three entirely different versions of this message. I wish I had time to give it more thought. The 600-word limit probably saved me from a panic attack, but there are so many things I want to share with you. I a...